Björk, Aosta, Italy

Björk is a new brasserie in Aosta, Italy, noted for blending food with design. Situated in the Hotel Village, the French-style restaurant opened on 14 September 2012, with Giuliana Rosset, founder of the Napapjiri fashion label, at the creative helm.

The location of the brasserie is deep inside a steep mountainous terrain in Northern Italy, providing a small but contemporary atmosphere to all the fine dining. German, Austrian and Swiss influences are the only kind found in this region, so the brasserie does something different by offering authentic Scandinavian food.

Swedish chef Mattia Sjoblom serves up culinary delights like imported herrings with Schnapps, a Scandinavian open sandwich of smørrebrød in seven different flavours, beef carpaccio, beef tartare with dill and kötbullar (Swedish meatballs of beef and pork).

The kitchen, supported by many recent graduates of Sweden’s Grythyttan Cooking Academy, claims to be the first in Italy to plate up an authentic Swedish cuisine. The food is served on Ittala ceramic and there is a quite strong selection of wine at the restaurant as well.

The interior of the brasserie is primarily inspired by Nordic tradition but important pieces of design of Scandinavian origin from the last century have been incorporated too.

Pine walls act as bountiful light supply for the restaurant’s interior composed of wood. Some 1950s Borge Mogensen chairs and 1960s Torsten Thorup & Claus stools adorn the place as well, complimenting the light design scheme of the restaurant. 

A set of three leather chairs, two green and one black, by Hans Olsen C/S Mobler (1961), vintage magazines in a small coffee-table area, decorated with modernist paintings by Wilhelm Wik in Paris (1968), create a comfortable space to enjoy your light lunch.

Presentation of food has been emphasised at the brasserie, with touches of creatively served salmon with ice in little glass jars and fine and colourful caviar on hearty dishes, adding plenty of Scandinavian charm to the scrumptious meals. 

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